About Us

DudleyDudzz was created by athlete & personal trainer Dudley Edouard in 2016. This brand is all about spreading the message of overall health. Dudley has dedicated more than 10 years of his life to fitness, nutrition, psychology & overall wellness. Taking his studies  further, Dudley has obtained bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and also has practical experience in strength and conditioning with athletes ranging from sports such as (Soccer, Basketball, Golf, Baseball, Football & Swimming).
At DudleyDudzz we produce apparel, fitness plans & accessories that represent and promote consciousness,  healthy state of being, and an overall fulfilled lifestyle. We create fashionable high frequency apparel that promotes prosperity and health in its totality.
  • What is health?


  • Health is so much more than what we eat or simply working out. This brand promotes TOTAL health. It is imperative that we as a whole are conscious of what we consume on the daily; Whether it’s media,food, the people we surround ourselves with, thoughts that we allow ourselves to think etc. These are all things that tie into the totality of health. I love serving people and ultimately improving the overall quality of their lives. In this community I offer personalized meal/ workout plans, a plethora of delicious plant based recipes, spiritual & mental guidance, as well as subconscious mind training. I am very big on dominating your mind, for from your mind is where your reality is created.


  • I believe it is all our birth rights to total health an abundance. Any and everything that gives your mental clarity, physical health, spiritual freedom and the ability to express yourself is encouraged here. This is what the DudleyDudzz brand is all about!


  • -Dudley Edouard aka Dudleyduzz.